Prosthodontic Case Studies in Shreveport, LA

Case Study #1

Dental Crowns and Veneers Patient Photos in Shreveport, LA

This woman reluctantly described a smile that was embarrassing to her. Broken and worn, brown and stained, her teeth were hard to see, she would barely part her lips. The teeth were jumbled and overlapping. As I listened, her story unfolded. She had spent her years taking care of everyone but herself. She was now ready to improve her life. She believed that a pretty smile was the window to a person’s spirit so she wanted to start first with hers. A plan was made to unravel the crooked teeth, whiten teeth that needed minimal restorative procedures, and restore the broken, worn teeth with veneers and crowns that gave her a vibrant, youthful, exciting appearance. She cried with delight when she held the mirror to her face. I still receive cards from her today.

Case Study #2

Dental Implant Patient Photos in Shreveport, LA

This man appeared in my office with limited time and a mouth of very short teeth with spaces in between. A few were missing. Years of clenching and grinding had taken a toll on his teeth. He was very nervous about being at a dentist office, to the point of avoiding them. However, he was very direct and to the point, “I don’t like the holes, my teeth look like baby teeth. I’m not concerned about looks, but I want to be able to chew nails.” Time was a major concern. We formulated a plan using new painless dental techniques and procedures that finished treatment in the shortest time. The worn teeth were made to a normal size using the latest long-lasting and esthetic dental materials. The missing teeth were replaced with implantology procedures. He was very appreciative upon completion.